Sled Dog Races – Autumn Cup 2013 Lithuania

Bogdan and Callidus Invictum UPE running to the first place (Canicross man category)!

Last weekend we had Sled Dog Races at a beautiful Regional Park.
Competed participants from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Russia.   

Neris Regional Park

More and more UPE’s kennel dogs are joining this nice sport with wonderful results. There were 2 youngsters – Cito Ventus UPE and Callidus Invictum UPE. As well older male from litter “Baltia” – Baltia Utu UPE.

Viktorija and Cito Ventus UPE running right to the first place (Canicross women category)!


Bogdan and Callidus Invictum UPE (Invi) crossing the finish line with the best results


Ugnius and Baltia Utu UPE at their strong start and fast finish (second place Canicross man category)

I am specially happy and proud about young brothers Cito (Cito Ventus UPE) and Invi (Callidus Invictum UPE). It was their very first races with no or very little training and they were pulling as tractors. Both of them received first places at their categories with competition. Viktorija, Bogdan – you rule!

My most beloved Upe and me remembered the “old” days and checked the scooter. That was so amazing to fly through the forest with my girl just as 6 years ago!

Migle and Upe 

Now I know what I am gonna buy for the Spring season.. The forest scooter!

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