A History Of Mushing (Sled Dogs) And Our Newest Results

Photo: Paulius Stravinskas

Bogdan & Baltia Tammi UPE for the very first time running right at the Lithuanian Championship 2012, event of Baltic Cup 2012
Being 4-th by the results. Good start! Hope not the last one.

There was Sleddog Lithuanian Championship 2012, event of Baltic Cup 2012 on the weekend. Three dogs from our litter B were participating at the races.
We are very proud and happy about the great results as well as owners, who are
investing so much time, passion and love to their dogs. Thank you!

Photo: Paulius Stravinskas

Ugnius and Baltia Utu UPE winning the FIRST place again!
Proud and happy about you, guys

Photo: Paulius Stravinskas

Julius and Baltia Sumu UPE. First time at the races! Pulling well

Photo: Renata Cesnaviciene

And our youngest athletes – Dominyka with Baltia Sumu UPE. I am very happy for your debut, Dominyka. Good start – half a job!

Do you take sport with your dogs?
What kind of sport you like most and why?
Leave your comments or/and questions.

I recommend to read an article about history of mushing written by Tim White.
An article is posted on International Federation of Sleddog Sports web: http://germanshorthairedpointer.pro/history-of-mushing/

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  1. Well done! Great dogs! And such joy and passion in the faces of the dogs, while owners are a bit exhausted… :D

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