Spring Training

Spring is the magic time when not only beetles wake up but people as well. Suddenly all the streets and parks get crowded of mommies with kids, jogging people, dogs, singing birds and all kind of flying bugs.

There we are as well.. Every weekend we try to go to the fields for training. Today we had training with honorable trainer, president of Drahthaar association LT Jevgenij Cirkin and vice-president Sigitas Aleksa (http://drahthaar.lt/).

President of Drahthaar association LT Jevgenij Cirkin

Vice-president of Drahthaar Association LT Sigitas Aleksa

Training started in the introduction of the shot. The goal of training was to learn concentration, upper and lower scent (quail and hare) and retrieve. Dogs participated at the training:

Callidus Invictum UPE Retrieving Hare
17 months

Carus Stella UPE
17 months

Ibelin Du Nid Aux Nobles Smelling Quail
1 year

Ivanhoe Du Nid Aux Nobles Smelling Quail
10 months

As well we’ve been working with special “hare” and “duck” for correct retrieve

Callidus Invictum UPE retrieving special “hare”

Callidus Invictum UPE retrieving special “duck”

Ibelin Learning to Stay Calm

Stella, Invi and Ibi Learning to Concentrate and Point Quail

Drahthaar Lotte and Invi Pointing Quail

Ivanhoe (Hudas) 10 months

Ibelin 1 year 


Callidus Invictum UPE


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